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Debengeni Falls

In the verdant beauty of the Magoebaskloof, which is in the splendour of the northern part of the Drakensberg Mountain Range, is Debengeni Falls. This waterfall is an idyllic example of the untouched, untainted appeal of Limpopo Province. The Ramadipha River tumbles 80 metres into the massive bowl of water at its base, demonstrating the unharnessed power of nature.

Did you know?There are no lifeguards on duty and the rocks at the bottom of the falls are slippery. So, visitors should stay alert and safety conscious at all times.

The Debengeni Falls are a fabulous spot for picnics as they provide a stunning backdrop while enjoying snacks and refreshments with friends. The cool waters of the falls and the pool into which they thunder are irresistible, especially after a walk or hike along the local Magoebaskloof trails. In fact, locals join tourists in coming to Debengeni for a cool dip during the hot summer months quite frequently.

The trails are not only fantastic for those wanting to burn some energy and enjoy the countryside. This is a prime spot for bird watchers, and everyone with a penchant for the avian species of South Africa should bring their binoculars along. Some of the exciting birds that can be found here include the grey wagtail, mountain wagtail, red-backed mannikin, African firefinch, half-collared kingfisher, African finfoot, blue-mantled crested flycatcher, rufous-chested sparrowhawk, and scaly-throated honeyguide. More than 40 species of indigenous trees are found around Debengeni Falls, making it a particularly wealthy ecological hotspot.

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