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Giant Boabab

Another must-see near SanWild is the the legendary Giant Baobab tree.

If you wish to be safe from a crocodile attack; drink water that this tree’s seeds have been soaked in but beware just dare pick a single flower haunted by evil spirits that only blooms for a day and you will be eaten by a lion! Such are the superstitions that surround the powers of the Baobab Tree that native legend explains was uprooted by the Gods and shoved back upside down in African soil to cease its complaining hence the appearance of the root-like branches that remain leafless in the sky for most of the year.

This ‘Tree of Life’ has a larger than life-size ambassador on the flat road that links Tzaneen to Gravelotte. A make-shift sign paints ‘The Big Boabab’ on the regional road and points fatigued motorists to a leafy resting spot under this mammoth beauty. A long strip of dirt road bounces drivers awake which keeps them alert enough not to miss the small gate leading to the famed 15m wide trunk. A token cover charge at a token kiosk gives access to this giant life force encircled by admiring trees and inspired green grass. A crack in the bark densely etched with centuries of lover’s initials charmed in heart shapes gives way to a bountiful Baobab belly. -> info out of https://www.sa-venues.com/things-to-do/limpopo/hug-the-big-baobab/

Meranti Restaurant Gravelotte

While we’re at it, we could also visit the local watering hole to mingle with the locals at Meranti Pub and Grill in Gravelotte.

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