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Small ghost town Leydsdorp

The small ghost town of Leydsdorp, which borders the Sanctuary, was once a bustling hub of gold mining activity and a “city” from which president Paul Kruger governed South Africa during the Boer War more than a century ago. The gold ran out pretty quickly and South Africa’s version of a “wild west” town was soon abandoned to life as a time capsule. Today just handful of residents run the restored hotel and bar, which are said to be haunted by ghosts.

During your stay with us, we will take you for a drink in that very place, with wooden floors trod on by miners and the counter where they knocked back their shots. We’ll soak up the rich history of the area, explore the old graveyard and check out the abandoned, hand-excavated gold mines on the Sanctuary itself.

Old Mine shafts on SanWild

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