Trail Cameras Fundraiser

Dear SanWild Supporters,

We are reaching out to all of you with an urgent request for assistance.

Over the past three years, since we took over the management of SanWild Sanctuary, our team, Tactico Security, and the farming community have managed to keep our Rhino population safe.
We have been able to counter poaching attempts, help capture and arrest poachers, and remove illegal firearms from poachers who have fled on foot and dropped their weapons during our pursuits.

We have upgraded our security and dehorned all of our rhinos to aid with their protection. Our efforts have paid off, and we have not lost a single rhino during this time. During the past three years, we also welcomed the birth of two new baby rhino calves; our rhino population is growing again.

But things have changed. During the past two months, rhino poaching in our area has experienced an enormous spike.SanWild and our neighbouring farms are being targeted by six different poaching syndicates that have figured out ways to bypass our security measures. Attacks are constant on multiple fronts and occur every single day.

We have reached a point where it is no longer possible to fight this battle on our own. We simply do not have the resources to fund the technology needed to adapt to this new threat that has moved into our area.

To neutralize this threat, we will need to use technology to help capture and arrest these poaching groups. Specifically, we need hidden cameras in high-risk areas equipped with artificial intelligence, capable of sending out early warnings to our teams when humans are detected.
This will allow us to ambush and arrest them before they can do any harm.


We would like to ask our supporters for help in purchasing these cameras directly from the supplier, RikRhino. They have offered us a generous discount that is valid until Wednesday, July 18th. To contribute towards the cameras, please contact Candace at RikRhino. You can reach her at +27 74 675 3969 or email her at [email protected]
Once you express your interest, we will email you a form to fill out, and RikRhino will invoice you directly. Please make sure to cc us on the email to RikRhino at [email protected] so that we can keep a record of your contribution.

Alternatively, if you prefer to donate directly to SanWild towards this appeal, we will add the amounts together to purchase a camera once we have enough funds. You can donate by using the following YOCO payment link: SanWild Wildlife Trust Payment Link. Please use “Cameras” as the reference.




  1. Single camera – Download PDF Quote
  2. 5 Cameras – Download PDF Quote

Furthermore, we understand that not everyone may be able to contribute financially. In that case, we kindly ask you to help us by sharing this urgent appeal with your friends, family, and on your social media platforms. Spreading awareness about our situation can make a significant difference.

Thank you for your continuous support. Together, we can make a difference and keep our rhinos safe.

Best regards,
The SanWild Team